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The first Chevrolet trucks were 1918 models. Priced at $595, the half-ton Cowl Chassis was ideal for small businesses. A wooden body, such as that of the “depot hack” seen here, was usually purchased separately. By the mid-1920s, Chevrolets were being assembled around the globe. The first Brazilian Chevrolet was a half-ton panel van built in 1925. In this 1928 photo, truck No. 1 is shown with the 50,000th Chevrolet made in Brazil. Chevrolet trucks have always been built for dependable, long-lasting service. In 1937, this Chevy half-ton pickup hauled a 1,060-lb. load as it successfully completed a 10,245-mile test run monitored by the AAA. Considered iconic American trucks today, Chevrolet’s enduringly popular Advance-Design models debuted in May 1947. The Advance-Design trucks were the first completely new vehicles General Motors released after World War II. Capping the new-for-1955 Chevrolet “Task Force” truck line was the Cameo Pickup. Designed for “suburbanites,” it forecasted future trucks that were more car-like. Chevrolet’s new small-block V-8 engine was optional. Few trucks were considered “cool” in 1959, but the Chevrolet El Camino pickup, with its dramatically finned big Chevy styling, definitely made the cut. From 1964 to 1987, the El Camino was based on midsize Chevelle/Malibu cars. C/K Pickups for 1967 introduced a completely new low-profile look, set off with boldly rounded wheel openings. The year’s new CST (Custom Sport Truck) option took Chevy pickup comfort and style to a new level. Featuring new four-door convenience, the 1973 Suburban was the newest of its kind since the 1935 original.  Larger, stronger and perfectly suited for towing, the ’73 set benchmarks for all future four-door SUVs. Chevrolet introduced the Silverado nameplate in 1999 on its all-new 1500 Series full-size pickups, the first to feature a super-strong, hydro-formed, multi-section modular frame. Silverado heavy-duty models followed for the 2001 model year. Chevrolet trucks have served owners around the world for decades. Today, they are being designed globally, too. Developed across five continents, the new global midsize Colorado pickup will be sold in more than 60 markets.


Chevy 100 Iconic Trucks History

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